Thursday, October 13, 2011

Better and Better

I’ve been a tad quiet on the blogging front recently.  It’s not a reflection on the lack of work going on – exactly the opposite, it’s a reflection of the large volume of work going on.

First up, I’ve been playing around with Trello as a day to day way of tracking tasks and change.  It’s pretty good and it’ll be one to watch as it develops and matures.  But, as a day to day tool it’s ease of use is hard to beat.

MiniHomer – my future Max/iPhone/iEverything Mac Mini – is now fully up and running, complete with an Xcode development environment.  I’ve been playing around with it, but nothing serious.

On StrokePlay, release 1.1.1 is shaping up very well.  Strangely, this is a bigger release than 1.1 was but then again, 1.1 was all about stability and making it DPI aware.  The DPI awareness was a big change and so merited the 1.1 moniker.

A preview of 1.1.1 contents:

  • New “All Courses” data filter
  • Complete redesign of the scorecard entry dialog
  • Auto-addition of a new course to the player’s course list
  • Additional “Getting Started” instructions in the help
  • Some smaller bug fixes, including the correction of painting issues on the “My Scores” group box, retaining font settings for the scorecard and course notes after StrokePlay closes, ensuring the overall round note saves correctly.
  • Refactoring of the colour scheme handling to make it all centrally managed to allow for multi-theme support in a future release.

So, not a minor release after all.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Release: StrokePlay Pro v1.1

StrokePlay Pro v1.1 has now been released.

This release is focused around numerous changes to the window scaling and sizing.

A number of smaller fixes and enhancements are also included.

Details of the release contents can be found on the website Release History page.

Registered users can download the new version using the “Check For Updates” option in the Help menu.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scaled Effort

The weekend has disappeared in a blur of screen metrics and font scaling.

A bug in the StrokePlay window scaling code has turned into a rewrite of the scaling and sizing code and the addition of scrolling functionality.

No minor task!

The code changes for the dashboard pages are almost complete and I can just carry over the same base class changes to the scorecard and course handling windows.

With a fair wind coding should be complete on Tuesday evening with a release on Wednesday/Thursday.

An annoying delay to the release of the new scorecard layout but StrokePlay looks better for the changes.