Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Gone, Now for 2012

Happy New Year all!

The annual Loony Dook has finished and Irn Bru is being consumed to clear the hangovers.

New Years Resolutions?  None.  But finding a brand of golf ball which doesn’t automatically seek out hazards would be good.

2011 – The Good

2011 was a great year – StrokePlay Pro was finished, launched and had a first update released.  I had a great launch press release which achieved good coverage and I was pretty pleased by the response to it.

I also started a new contract which took me back to the front line of development which is a welcome change to the higher level architecture I’d been working on for the previous 18 months.

2011 – The Not So Good

There’s not much that I could say went badly.  Lessons on marketing were learned post-launch and I’d say I could have done better with maintaining momentum.

The new contract has diverted me away from StrokePlay for a while but the balance is slowly returning.

And lastly, the release I’ve been trying to put out for a couple of months still hasn’t released – but I’m working on it now.

2012 – What does it hold?

First up is the update release.  That’s the January priority.  It contains a number of fixes, some enhancements and a few new features.  I’d go as far as saying that this release is the one I would have launched with if I hadn’t decided it was better to launch than continually tweak.

After that, the 2012 plans have three branches I’d like to tackle:

1. Enhancement

I have a number of features I’d like to add to StrokePlay Pro this year, from additional stats and charts to multi-player comparison and even some league/tournament functionality.

2. Expansion

I’m still only playing with the iOS development tools but I’d like to see a StrokePlay Pro related iOS release this year.  Maybe not a full implementation but a score data gathering app for use during the golf round.  It’ll need careful design to prevent too much data being gathered at the point of play to prevent it being a source of slow play.

3. Product Line

StrokePlay Pro, as it stands, is the core product.  But it’s been built with expandability in mind.  I’m looking at the possibility of a more “corporate” edition which would have an altered feature list geared towards a corporate environment rather than the individual, or small group, of golfers.  I’ll use the forums as a place to discuss this edition as plans become a little clearer.

So, one or two things to do and all of them achievable with some focus.