Monday, March 19, 2012

Spot the difference





No major differences apart from the “New” image being more centred, having heavier borders and squared edges to the groupboxes?

The “Old” image is StrokePlay as it is available now, complete with a High-DPI GUI that’s, to be honest, a pain to maintain and enhance.

The “New” image is StrokePlay as it will be in the next release, with an HTML/CSS based dashboard that’s as simple to maintain, amend and enhance as editing a couple of text files.

The charting functionality remains the same, but the 9 “Performance” charts (right hand side) are all clickable which is an improvement over just the gross scores being clickable.

The move to a more browser based display (albeit an internally managed browser) was an enabler for features that were planned for V2 but I decided to bring it forward to ease the DPI awareness problems I was seeing in the new scorecard.

What now?  Since the new layout and display processing is working a treat I’m extending it to all of the other dashboard pages.  In addition, the course entry window and scorecard handling window will also be moved on to the new code.

Doing them all in one go keeps the interface consistent across the application and has the added benefit of removing two 3rd party libraries, improving stability and performance, and by pulling out bundles of MFC code the final exe size should shrink by a good margin.

Finally, some really good progress!!

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