Friday, September 20, 2013

The Feedback Plan

I spent some time this week looking at the way I gather feedback from the trials of StrokePlay to try and determine if I could make some improvements which may generate more feedback.

The current feedback route is driven by the uninstaller. When the uninstall is nearly complete the user is asked if they’d like to leave feedback. If they cancel the question window then that’s the end.  If they agree then the feedback page is loaded in to their browser and they can leave feedback - but only freeform comments.

Not great - judging by the number of trial downloads and the number of hits on the feedback page the “No” button is the most used feature of the feedback process.

So, some simple changes:

  1. On uninstall automatically load the feedback page. Most of the trial software I’ve evaluated does this so it’s not uncommon.
  2. Add options to the feedback page to provide easy, but meaningful, choices for the user.
  3. Regularly change the feedback webpage options to see if I can get feedback on features I have planned.

So, there’s a plan of action.  I’ll add one other update in - when I change StrokePlay to remove the choice of going to the feedback page I’ll migrate to Visual Studio 2012.  The build is already done, it just needs an update to the installer and some testing.

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