Monday, December 29, 2014

I have been working on my ISV, honest!

Shocking. Yet another “too long between blog posts” post. You’d think I’d been doing nothing on the ISV front.

First up, what’s happening with StokePlay Pro?

Well, the plan to generate more feedback didn’t work very well and I’m pretty much at the same point with it. Its sales are disappointing even though downloads are consistent. People just aren’t buying and without feedback it’s difficult to work out why.

I do have a partial V2 but I hit a stumbling block - I was basing the UI around a small built-in web server which used Mongoose. Mongoose has gone commercial which means I need to re-work the web server component to use Civetweb, the Mongoose fork.

So I’ve parked StrokePlay Pro until I do a bit more head scratching on the next step.

To fill in my time I decided to brush off a work in progress and release an initial free edition of it.

This is a Wi-Fi signal monitor and mini-Wi-Fi site survey application called “APHound”.  Development is well advanced and I’m aiming to put a V1 out in the next few weeks.

In a nutshell, APHound presents the user with information about all Wi-Fi signals in range (signal strength, quality, security, channel etc.) and allows those users with a laptop to wander around and plot signal strengths overlaid on an image such as a floor plan.

A few pictures from the latest development build:

First up, the signal strength graph. This shows real time changes in the signal strength.


Next, the channel allocations for the access points. The access points are stacked according to channel to show totals per-channel.


Finally, the mini site survey:


This shows an image in the main area, loaded by the user, the signal strength legend along the base and an overview scaled image with a contained box which can be dragged to change the current view.

The constant colour on the sample is just because I’m sitting at my desk generating the image.

APHound is a small, easy to use application which I’ll release as a free consumer edition initially. A paid “plus” edition, with more features, will follow quickly for the user who needs the additional features and for business.

I have a few more plans/ideas for APHound, including a Mac OS X version which is already being developed and ideas for a mobile edition.

See, told you I haven’t been sitting doing nothing.