Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good to go!

Today was a big push to try and recover some of the lost time from last week.

My development PC is working well after it’s upgrade to Windows 8.1.

I had to install Stardock’s Fences again – just makes life so much easier. And I’m trying out their Windows 8 start menu Start8. I say trying it out but after using it for a day I won’t be uninstalling it. It’s just too good.

A coffee fuelled morning resulted in the website being completed and a number of end to end tests for purchase/install/update with a real build of the software. The tests highlighted a couple of small issues which were easily corrected.

The afternoon ended with the help files complete. To be honest there’s not much to them but they take time because of the image generation and actually writing the text. Again, the Dr. Explain package was a great help.

So, as I type, all of the build configurations (Debug, Release, Demo) for both the Free Edition and the Plus Edition have just completed with zero warnings and errors.

My I’ll finish off a check in to the repository and tag the release then I’ll put my feet up for the evening with a beer.

Release day is tomorrow!

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