Sunday, February 8, 2015

One Week On

It’s a week since APHound v1.0 was released so I thought I’d pop up a quick update.

The web stats for the site continue to look reasonably good and they’re still slightly better than I expected them to be at this point. Downloads of the Free Edition continue to be slightly higher than anticipated. It’s likely that over the course of the next week I’ll look at the initial Google AdWords campaign.

Development on v1.1 is on track and nearing completion already and I’ll be looking to move that into a release candidate test phase over the next week.

The main focus for v1.1 has been the introduction of SSID grouping in the access point list with the initial version simply grouping the SSID list according to SSID name. Networks with multiple access points of the same SSID will be grouped together, single access point per SSID networks will appear as a single grouping and any access points which have stopped reporting will move into a “non-reporting” group. Grouping can be enabled and disabled via a new menu option.

Custom groupings will start to make an appearance from v1.2.

Another key reason for the quick move from v1.0 to v1.1 is that I want to give the upgrade process a good end to end shakedown and this quick release of v1.1 will enable that to happen.

Back to work!

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