Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Release Day + 3

APHound was released on 1st Feb, 3 days ago, so what’s happening now?

Actually, I’m pretty pleased with the stats from the website. The visitor counts are higher than I hoped for over the first few days and the free edition is starting to be downloaded.

The aim for the first week was just to see visitors on the site, maybe a handful of downloads too, and then to have a look at the site analytics to see how people were browsing.

Work on v1.1 is progressing and I know what changes will be in that release. It’ll include a couple of small bug fixes which missed v1 and also a small UI refresh for the access point list to include the first version of SSID groups. Under the covers will be the introduction of SQLite for some data handling.

So, not an Earth shattering first update, but enough to push the application forward and also test the upgrade mechanism. It’s also an “enabler” release which paves the way for features planned in v1.2 and v1.3.

Timetable wise I’m aiming for the end of February for v1.1.

And our dog Hank is doing well too!

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