Thursday, March 26, 2015

The sloooooow month.

A period where the output from development slows happens from time to time. Usually it’s down to the optimistic developer under estimating a task, unexpected bugs or some external time soak. This month has been like that, but with an added “planning to put too much into the next release” tagged on.

To stick to the “release early, release often” mantra I’ve decided to release the one new feature I’ve added over the past few weeks. It’s a new chart which shows the channel allocation and signal strength of each reporting access point.

I had this chart in an early version of APHound but decided against releasing it because I could never get enough clarity in the display of the data when the number of access points grew. It just looked jumbled. But I was tweaking the colour and opacity of the bars in the chart and I think it now looks good enough to release.

This feature will be for the Plus version only since I’ve decided that version needs more to differentiate it from the Free edition.

All going well I should have a new release out this coming weekend.

Monday, March 9, 2015

V1.1 Released

Bugs. Only it was the flu that delayed the v1.1 release rather than something in the code. Still, APHound v1.1 was released last night and is now available for download from the APHound website.

The main aim of this release is to finish off some features which didn’t make the launch version and to address a couple of small defects.

New Features

  • Added a “Last Seen” date and time to the access points.
  • Added a new split-bar to the window to allow for better use of the display area.
  • Added a pop-up context menu to the access point list for more check/uncheck options.
  • Added access point grouping.


  • Improvements to local data storage. This was primarily the introduction of SQLite which will be required for future features.
  • Retain access point information on screen rather than remove them after they stop appearing in scan data.
  • UI change to make the access point list a little better looking and to add some functionality to it.


  • The installer wasn’t setting the application version information correctly.
  • Occasionally an access point would remain on the charts even when de-selected.
  • Include channel 13 and appropriate spacing to channel 14.

All of the changes apply to both the Free and Plus editions.

Work now starts on v1.2 which, looking at the list of potential changes for inclusion in the release, will be more focused on the Plus edition.