Thursday, April 30, 2015

APHound V1.3 – Code complete…phew!

V1.3 turned into one of those releases that sometimes comes along – so much fun (is that wrong?) that there was always room for just one more thing. But I finally stopped and reached code and test complete. I just have the help file and website changes to do and it’s good to go.

I did add the new Access Point Information tab, which was the main point of the release, which contains a little more information than the access point list for each access point. It allows access point data to be displayed side-by-side for comparison.

Looking at the Trello board there’s also a bit more in this one, such as:

  • A couple of bug fixes
  • A good chunk of refactoring
  • Support for channel bonding/40MHz channels
  • A co-channel and channel overlap count
  • User selectable scan intervals

I finally took delivery of a 5GHz, and 802.11ac, capable access point and USB dongle which allowed me to do some initial testing to identify the changes required to support 5GHz networks. That looks pretty good already and it’ll form the basis of V1.4.

I had a good look through the APHound Trello board to try and plan a bit further out. There was enough detail to plan not only V1.4 but also V1.5 and V1.6 too. But enough of that, I need to get V1.3 out of the door first.

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