Sunday, April 12, 2015

APHound V1.3 in full swing

Progress, so far, on APHound V1.3 in April is proving to be much better than V1.2 was in March. The development of this release just seems to be flowing a bit better.

Looking at the Trello board for APHound there’s a bit of a mixture in this release. A few minor bugs fixes, a new feature and tab for the Plus edition and a chunk of code refactoring in preparation for future changes.

The new feature/tab is for displaying more detailed information on each access point and to allow side-by-side comparisons of the data from multiple access points.

I’m also hoping to squeeze in the display changes for access points which can utilise secondary channels.

Refactoring wise, there’s some more efficient data handling and interpretation of the data returned from the scans along with improvements in string and display scheme handling which will enable future customisation.

I also, finally, ordered 5GHz kit to allow development of support for 5GHz access points. I haven’t fixed which release that will appear in but a quick scan of the Trello board would place it in V1.4/V1.5.

Back to it!

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