Friday, May 15, 2015

Lift-off for V1.4

APHound v1.4 development has been slow to get off the ground this month but I’m finally moving it along. The slower start is just down to one of those Micro ISV realities – having two jobs. The bulk of your time is still taken up earning a living, which fortunately for me means doing the thing I enjoy most - software development, and most of your “free” time is taken up with your Micro ISV.

But hey, any excuse to code!

So, v1.4. The main driver for this release is to add support for 5GHz Wi-Fi. I’ll also be finishing off the support for 802.11ac which I started in v1.3. The changes to detect 5GHz, and 802.11ac capable, access points are already up and running and the initial information display and RSSI tracking is good. Next up is handling the channel allocations.

The Trello board for v1.4 has a few other things on it – internal download of updates, additional fields on the access point information tab, some internal refactoring and a couple of minor bug fixes – but the slower than normal start and the desire to keep up the, roughly, monthly release cycle might push some of these things in to v1.5.

The other item of note this month is that I started the first Google AdWords campaign. I purposely waited until I had a couple update releases complete before I undertook any form of advertising since I knew there were some improvements I wanted to make before I was happy with APHound.

The initial AdWord stats are much better than anticipated and, after a few tweaks to the ads and the keywords, the traffic to the website has grown massively. I’ll let the first campaign run its course then sit down and look at the user/website interactions which will help drive the next website update.

Monday, May 4, 2015

V1.3 Released

APHound v1.3 is now available.

This release was, primarily, to add the extended access point information tab but it also includes a number of additional enhancements and fixes.

New Features

  • Added a new tab to show extended access point information for Plus Edition users.
  • Added the capability, for Plus Edition users, to vary the time between Wi-Fi scans.
  • Added the capability to display 40Mhz wide channels on the access point list and channel charts.
  • Added the display of Co-Channel and Channel Overlap counts for Plus Edition users.


  • Display the MAC address on the bars on the channel charts.
  • Reduced flickering on data lists.
  • Selected interface is now remembered.
  • Selected access point is brought to the front of the channel charts.
  • Numerous internal enhancements to improve the responsiveness of the user interface and the handling of data.


  • Fixed issue where supported data rate information could contain duplicate values.
  • Fixed issue where hidden access points could be displayed with a zero MAC address.
  • Fixed issue where the presence of a 5Ghz access point could cause APHound to crash.
  • Fixed issue where the channel chart doesn’t always show all access points.
  • Fixed issue of out of range value being used for the allocated channel on the access point list.
  • Fixed spacing of adjacent channels on the channel totals chart.

Visit the APHound website for full details.