Friday, June 5, 2015

APHound V1.4 – Dev complete, finally!

Well, that took longer than expected - and in the end I bumped a couple of “would be nice” updates from v1.4 to v1.5.

But, I got the two big items for this release finished – support for 5GHz WiFi and 802.11ac support. Both of those took longer than I’d planned but that was simply because I didn’t like the way the code was evolving and decided to refactor some more of the 2.4GHz code to make it useful to 5GHz.

Apart from those two big items there’s also:

  • A bug fix for the way hidden networks are displayed.
  • Some additional fields on the Access Point Info tab.
  • A grid on the signal survey display when there’s no background image.
  • The main splitter control position is saved between runs of the application.
  • Libcurl has been dropped in to replace native API calls.
  • The chart legend boxes have been removed and the entries on the access point list are now colour coded.

So, a decent mix of changes.

Final testing should hopefully complete over the weekend and a release is planned some time next week.

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