Thursday, August 20, 2015

APHound v1.6 Released

APHound v1.6 is now available.

This release is focused on enhancing the signal survey feature for Plus Edition users:

New Features

  • Signal Surveys can be exported as web pages. Click here to see a sample
  • Signal Surveys can now have free-form text markers dropped on them. Useful for noting important information when the survey measurements are being taken.
  • The access point list now shows a manufacturer name. This is based on the MAC address so may not always match the name the access point is marketed under.
  • Access points can now be assigned a user-defined alias. This helps identification of the access point, especially when multiple access points share the same SSID.


  • User changes to the column widths on the access point list are now saved and restored between APHound runs.
  • Signal Survey now shows the number of measurements made (and number remaining for Free Edition users) and information on any loaded survey background image.
  • Signal Survey now has pop-up tooltips to show measurement values and text marker free-form text.
  • Signal Survey now shows more access point information at the defined location of the access point.
  • Signal Survey now shows directional lines to indicate the progress of the survey.

Visit the APHound website for full details.