Friday, December 18, 2015

End of the client year…

This is just really a test post to see if Open Live Writer has been successfully updated to work with Google Blogger.

But, today marks the end of the fee-earning client work for the year too. From now until the end of the year it’s APHound v1.8 and the new APHound website.

Ok, it’ll be relaxed development time and it will most likely include too much chocolate and beer, but I’m ok with that.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Just a quick update II...

For the moment I'm having to use the Blogger web interface to post. Up until about a week ago I'd always used Windows Live Writer but it appears Google have deprecated an authorisation API when Open Live Writer launched. Unfortunately it looks like OLW needed the old API too!

Anyway, there was another point to this entry - the purchase process for APHound.

I've been using a combination of e-Junkie, PayPal and other card processors for some time but recently I started to look for an e-Junkie alternative. I don't have anything bad to say about e-Junkie, it always worked for me but I thought the was the EU VAT rule change could maybe be improved and I hadn't seen support for different payment processors change in a while.

So, with the cart and payment processor options having moved on over the years, I looked around and settles on DPD for the cart and a combination of PayPal and Stripe for payment processing. I was impressed by the look and feel of the DPD offering and the admin interface was easy to use. 

Integration with PayPal and Stripe was seamless and all I really needed to do was tweak the licence code generation script to handle the different POST parameters.

One notable change, from a purchasers perspective, is in the handling of EU VAT. With e-Junkie I had to, essentially, use a VAT-inclusive price. This meant that, in addition to the card fees, I was also absorbing the tax cost for EU customers. With the switch to DPD the licence cost for APHound Plus is still $19.99 however EU customers will have VAT, at their appropriate local rate, applied at the checkout. 

Just a quick update...

No, I haven’t forgotten about v1.8!

I’ve made a few twitter posts since the last blog entry about v1.8 but I completely failed to include the content of them in an update here! Me bad.

I decided to make v1.8 the last release of 2015 and pushed it’s release to late, very late, December. I had been trying to stick to a release-per-month update cycle but it didn’t make sense for this one, so I changed the cycle.

By extending the cycle for v1.8 I also get to do one other big thing – completely re-vamp the website. I played around with this a short time ago and got absolutely nowhere whilst wasting a lot of time. However, I now have a layout and plan for the new website and it’s on track.

As for v1.8, my intention was to work on new features for the site survey functionality. That’s still the plan but I started rooting around in the window resize code and realised a decision I made way back at the start of development had come back to bite me. The upshot is I’m re-writing the window resize code….and some of the window painting code. But hey, coding is fun.

I’ve also started looking forward in to 2016 and the plans for APHound. I have to say I’m looking forward to it – the Trello boards are shaping up very well in terms of regular releases but there’s one item on it that I can’t wait to start. More on that one after I think it through a little more and finish off some prototyping.