Wednesday, January 20, 2016

V1.8 - A perfect storm of a release.

APHound V1.8 was certainly a long time in the making!

It started with two main development targets:

  1. Add scrolling to the site survey
  2. Add zooming and scaling to the site survey
In the end neither made it in to the release. Image scaling support was added but that was to support the main change which took up all of the time:
  • Window Resizing
Way back at the start of development for APHound I made a decision when developing the UI. It was a minor thing, just how to set a background colour for a portion of a control that doesn't normally get filled. It was just one little thing that I thought tidied up a part of the UI.

Boy, did that one come back to bite me!

The custom control code for that little fill had a knock-on effect on how window resizing was handled which finally manifested itself around v1.4ish with a strange effect on maximize/restore handling. After much head scratching and debugging I decided to pull all of the window resize code and rewrite it to allow me to keep the fill and correct the maximize/restore handling.

That met with the festive holiday season and an upturn in client work which resulted in a perfect storm of delay.

Still, the fix is in and I've released v1.8 as the first of 2016. Scrolling and zooming/scaling are back on the board for v1.9.

One big change I did make in v1.8 was an adjustment to the feature list for the Free edition. This was a long pondered decision. There's always a need to differentiate a paid version of the application from the free edition to the extent that the user who pays to use the application gets access to a feature set which clearly sets it apart from a free edition. But, there is also a need to make the free edition useful.

Previously, the difference was that the paid user feature set had full access to the site survey, 5Ghz support and extended access point information. But with more and more people having access to 5Ghz WiFi, and more devices making use of it, I wanted to add 5Ghz support to the free edition.

That left a much reduced feature set difference between editions so adding one feature to the free edition meant another had to be dropped - in this case the site survey. Extended access point information and the site survey are now the difference between free and paid licences.

And the new website? Sitting waiting on me finding a few days to finish it off. 

APHound v1.8 Released

APHound v1.8 is now available.

This release is primarily a fix release with one enhancement, however the feature list for the Free edition has also been amended.

The changes in v1.8 are:

Changed Features

  • Free version loses Site Survey but gains 5GHz support


  • Window resize code rewritten


  • Correct min/max window handling for site surveys
  • Exception could be generated in site survey resize
  • Site survey thumbnail scroll button can be hidden
  • Access Point marker not appearing on the Site Survey
Visit the APHound website for full details.